Black Ops 2 Gfinity Tourney Returns October 12-13 Live From London

After a successful inaugural event in London earlier this month, Gfinity, the competitive gaming tournament created by fans of eSports with a view to raising its profile in the UK, is returning to London this October bigger and better.

G2, as they are calling the second event, will return this October 12-13 for another two days of competitive Black Ops 2 featuring some of the best teams from N.A. and Europe. The prize pool has been increased for G2, with $70,000 being split by the top 4 teams ($30k to the winners).

The first Gfinity event attracted some of the most well-known and skilled Call of Duty teams, the gameplay from the resulting skirmishes being streamed live via Gfinity’s Twitch channel. Complexity took the win the first time out (and the cheque for $30,000), but who will be victorious come October 13?

Here’s a neat promo video for G2:

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  1. bobby says:

    Hello I was just going to say, I watched the gfinity event it was awesome! so yeah! I don’t know what else to say but I lost my game but I need it back by 2 okay! Helro I made that word up1 sorry I’m just wrighting a bunch of random s**t.

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