Black Ops 2 Care Package Edition Case Revealed, Looks Like a… Care Package

Treyarch posted a picture on their Facebook page moments ago featuring what is obviously the case for the Black Ops 2 Prestige Edition which, as you can see, has been made to resemble a care package, at least partially confirming the earlier story about what’s in the Prestige Edition.

“Dan Bunting, David Vonderhaar, and the rest of the Treyarch team have been working on something special. Look what’s dropping tomorrow,” reads the message accompanying the picture.

So, expect the official reveal for the Prestige Edition of Black Ops 2 tomorrow.

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  1. Josh says:

    r u serious. I pre ordered today! :<

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  2. Hale Caesar says:

    I kinda wish they would release details on these things sooner do I didn’t have to go back into best buy and change my pre-order… But hey if it makes them better take as much time as you need!

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  3. syko_maste_ says:

    hardened edition the best for me

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