Black Ops Patch 1.04 Brings New Features, Bots Now Available Offline

Black Ops Gets New Features with Latest Patch

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ latest patch (1.04) has been a disaster for PlayStation 3 gamers. Many, many PS3 users are complaining about the same problems with some of them turning out worse. Treyarch have seriously dropped the ball on this one, but we can assure you that they are looking into it. We will report any and all news on the matter.

Bad patches aside, there were some good points to the new update; it brought a number of new features to Call of Duty: Black Ops – four to be exact. Most notably is the fact that you can now play with bots offline local split screen.

  • Practice Dummies (aka, AI bots) are now available offline Local Split Screen. It’s not quite offline Combat Training, but it is a step in the right direction
  • Dolly Camera: This is a new feature for the Theater Mode that allows you to automatically follow the tradjectory of a grenade or Tomahawk
  • 400 New Contracts: Black Ops’ contracts were ‘supposted‘ to be dynamic and updated every 7-days – which so far hasn’t happened. With patch 1.04, 400 new contracts have been added.
  • PS3 gets “Load MP by Default” option.
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  1. meh... says:

    yes! I didn’t understand why CT wasn’t offline too. Although people who’ve never had online won’t be able, as it requires and online update

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    • YES! says:

      YYEEEESSSS i agree 2!!!!! its crap i’ve been searching for a way to play against bots, then i found out it needs an update :S

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  2. meh... says:

    OK so I’ve tried this out, and it’s not really very good CT. you don’t rank up and unlock new weapons, they’re all unlocked. this is more of a gimmick, it’s not exactly CT, it’s just split screen mode with bots. so everything is unlocked and you have no levels or prestiges. to me this takes away part of the fun. a good update (for CT) would be offline compatible, and you have the ability to choose your own separate emblems, and titles, completely separate from online.

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  3. common sense says:

    This right here. If this game had been made properly in the first place we wouldn’t need dumb patches. Making CT offline doesn’t help anyone because you need to have online to make it offline. Congratulations Treyarch.

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    • Help says:

      Plz some1 explain to me how to get bots offline? i know they made it to where u can now but ive looked at evrythin and cant find anythin tht says how to get the update, plz help

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      • Michaelw33 says:

        Just go to local then split screen edit game options and enable enemies as many as you like i play free for all its nearly as good as online especially when you increase the difficulty to hardened or veteran… Good luck!! It works perfectly, will post a vid on you tube……mrmichaelw33

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        • Demetri Williams says:

          what if you don’t have edit game options on local split screen?
          how do you get the bots then?

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  4. cod kingg says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. DarĂ­o Bon Sayas says:

    Combat Training Offline?!?!?! GREAT!!!!!!!!! But… can you play CT offline without split screen, alone??

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  6. TreyTerror says:

    Im kinda pissed since that last black ops update got rid of local splitscreen! now i cant kick my mom boyfriends ass! but i do like the bots though. i think they need to fix the splitsceen where me and a friend can go up against bots. and also need to make a threater like mode for offline for the kills.

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  7. gwm says:

    does anyone have the problem with killstreaks offline?? like you can only get it once, and once you die you stop getting them. also your guests cant get them???

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    • Tozza says:

      Yes i get tht problem, i can play spilt screen offline with bots and friends and only i get killstreaks and only my custom class save. i looking for a way to fix for ps3

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  8. Jay says:

    I have black ops right now but i cant add bots in to a mach! :( Can someone tell me what is going on here! Do i need to go buy a new game, or do i need a xbox live? Someone plz tell me Plz and ty!

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  9. mark says:

    how the hell are u ment to get bots i tryd and whats edit game options nothing comes up like that i went local split screen then theres no edit game options

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    • 360Gamer says:

      go to xbox live and get the patch. Dont have online? welp then you dont get bots isnt that just fan freakin tastic?

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  10. Gamer says:

    I got black ops and i dont have an xbox live and everone keeps on saying you can play with bots on spilt screen but i cant! Can some tell me what is going on here! Do i need xbox live? Do i need to get a new game? Or something can some tell me plz!

    To tell me text me at

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  11. PS3_Massacre says:

    Treyarch killed Black ops, It wouldve been much better if Treyarch went to hide in a hole and left Activision to do it..

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  12. Tozza says:

    i own black ops on ps3 and when i play offline spilt screen with friends. 1st player is the only player who can use killsteaks and only 1st players custom classes save.when i first brought the game it worked fine all player classes save, could rename them, all had killsteaks and could play with bots OFFLINE. then one day went to play clicked on spilt screen. player 2 went to press x to join and it wasnt working at all. i fixed the problem with every player playing pressing x at the same time when pressing on spilt screen. but ever since then i’ve had this problem

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  13. CoD:BOps MasterofAll says:

    I think this i just plain right stupid.
    allowed users without online to download the patch for
    the new dashboard and just burn it to a dvd. I wish they
    could do something like that.

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  14. iiSkilledGamer says:

    okay so its 11.27.11 and im offline and i cant play with bots? why?

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  15. AlertedAura1416 says:

    Is there anywhere i can download the update without xbox live? Like a USB or somethin?

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  16. dijon5350 says:

    i was wonderin how do you update the black ops for 360

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