Black Ops Patch 1.04 Now Live on Xbox 360, PS3

The latest, fourth Black Ops patch – or ‘title update’ – is now live on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Patch 1.04 addresses a whole host of issues (full list below) with Treyarch’s blockbuster FPS, including several that are unique to each platform. Apart from the security, glitch and connection fixes, many changes have been made to the gameplay mechanics including spawn system improvments, sniper rifle headshot multipliers have been changed – making suppressed sniper rifles a one-shot-kill when hit in the head, and increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps for players who use Ninja Pro. Most interestingly, a “subtle increase” in sniper rifle accuracy when scoping in has been made – meaning slightly less “bounce”.

Go download Black Ops patch 1.04 and let us know if things are any better for you in the comments.

Issues Addressed:

  • Resolved several issues with parties getting disbanded unexpectedly.
  • Additional measures to prevent the “Transmission error” and other disconnects. This was most likely to occur with large parties where party members had mixed NAT types. (PS3 only)
  • Addressed an issue with VOIP icons not appearing when USB headsets were plugged in prior to game launch. (PS3 only)
  • Updated handling for UPnP-enabled routers to improve matchmaking conditions where users had strict or moderate NAT types. Also added in-game communications so that all players are aware of their NAT type in the Player Match party lobby.
  • Addressed issue that prevented the “Load MP by Default” option from saving when other specific option combinations were set. (Xbox 360 only)
  • Prevention of exploit that allowed players to keep custom classes and killstreaks after prestige.
  • Addressed an issue where Flak Jacket Pro would not always protect against ground fires left by Napalm Strikes.
  • Prevention of users losing their killstreak reward when switching classes at the start of a new round in round-based game modes.
  • Addressed an issue where the incorrect perks would appear when spectating another player under certain circumstances.
  • Added round start explosive delay to China Lake grenade launcher to give it the same round start limitations as other explosives.
  • Contracts will now reset when the player Prestiges.
  • Prevention of Valkyrie rocket exploding upon release under rare conditions.
  • Prevention of Gunship failing to give player full control under rare conditions.
  • Prevention of an issue where a player will get teleported outside the map boundaries under very specific circumstances.
  • Additional security measures to enhance detection and banning capabilities.

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.
  • Added a negative influencer to all spawn points to decrease the chances of spawning near an enemy. This will further improve spawning protection on top of previous updates.
  • Additional sound mix tuning for Ninja Pro users – increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps, and removed player footstep sounds on concrete material types.
  • Increased headshot multipliers for sniper rifles. Sniper rifles with suppressors equipped will now always be ensured one-shot kill headshots.
  • Subtle increase in sniper rifle accuracy when scoping in.
  • Added a render delay to the red diamond player indicators that appear when controlling the Gunship, Valkyrie Rocket and Chopper Gunner.
  • When a player first spawns, this will not appear for a period of time.
  • Additional minor reductions in knife lunge.

The next patch for the PC version of Black Ops is targeted for release this week.

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  1. Tjappie45 says:

    I play on xbox360 and after the patch i cant even connect to xbox live i cant even play cod online but other games i can play online f**king g@y patch

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    • elvis says:

      yea thats true after the 1.03 patch i cant connect online service but other games i can this is soo Stupid i hope that patch 1.04 will do me good! if not ill wait a little longer if still will be no good im selling the game on ebay

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  2. Sypherin says:

    After this patch I have not been able to connect to a game and have been having random freezes on connect. I don’t know if this is just me or not but it is getting frustrating. Also if I have my mic plugged in the screen will not go past matchmaking, though this could be a fault with my router not forwarding the VOIP ports properly.

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  3. Bahaha says:

    Just so you know if you are not able to connect to the game odds are you were doing someone wrong and they blocked you from the game. They have implemented new security measures after this patch which lets them block people easier and they have been deranking people back to level 1 who do not get permanently banned.

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  4. Steve says:

    Just wondering if anyone was having more lag probs since this patch on the 360?

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    Sniping in black ops is the worst. A “sniper” uses a big caliber rifle where if you hit someone they die that is the whole point. If this game is supposed to mimic real life wtf kinda sniper wont kill someone unless you hit them in the legs. A hit marker with a l96a is the stupidest thing ever. Also when your like 2 feet away from someone and the barrel of your sniper is almost up their ass and you fire and you miss, that makes no sence what so ever. And the accuracy with an acog scope is stupid the bulllet still goes on a trip to the right or left. When someone is not moving and your scoped in on them and the bullet misses thats some bulls**t. FIX ALL OF THAT!!! Or play a game like medal of honor where sniping is sniping not full of hitmarkers and bullets that randomly fly off to the left or right.

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    • QQTroll says:

      Man it’s been like that since MW2. Getting hit markers with an Intervention for them to turn around and 1 shot you with a pistol. Bunch of genius’s makes these games that’s for sure. lol

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  6. Tom says:

    Have any weapons been tweaked? I do not habe live yet…..

    Beat it 6 times 4 VETERAN 1 HARDENED 1 REGULAR

    I love the Galil and AK-47…… I hope they did not lower the gun stats

    they are the best automatic rifles imo…. they are basically identical.

    how do you earn COD points?

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  7. trevor says:

    anyone having problems with getting their game erased? game not loading, clear screen when in a zombie lobby, not saving the campaign progress, not letting you aim down sights in zombies, i swear im tired of this stupid s**t. after the patch was made, my game is f**ked and doenst work, pisses me off, fix it f**king now, for real i have been having this problem for a month

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  8. joe says:

    when is the next update going to be

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  9. Dustin says:

    downloaded update now black ops wont load freezes right before start menu. all other games seem fine..

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  10. corbin says:

    when can we bring back quickscoping and not have snipers so vulnerable

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  11. Truereefer says:

    What is up with them jacking with the hardcore modes. Flags? Thats gay. I want to just play hardcore capture the flag.

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  12. Shaunak says:

    where is the download link? where do i download this patch from?

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