Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wallpaper

Looking for some Black Ops 2 wallpaper to plaster across your desktop? Great, because there’s a nice hi-res one for you below, and we’ll add more official wallpaper as they become available.

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  1. Devin says:

    This is going to be awesome

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  2. Wade says:

    Yeah, its going to be pretty good I think, they haven’t disappointed me yet! This is an awesome pic.

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  3. Austin maples says:

    Call of duty games are my games by Austin Eric cool maples I’m cool

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  4. Great says:

    This looks great I hope its as good as blops which was the bets cod next to cod 4

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  5. dezzjb5 says:

    this is going
    to be best call of duty pluse zombies

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  6. First Person Purist says:

    They can throw all the fancy stuff on it that they want, the ONE thing I’m personally looking for is another PURE TEAM DEATH MATCH playlist like the first Black Ops. I’m sure core mode is great for most people, but me personally, I will only play in the Barebones playlist. Modern Warfare 3 Barebones didn’t do it for me at all because they mixed other game modes in with TDM that I didn’t want to play, yet had no say on and THERE WERE STILL ATTACHMENTS. That is NOT barebones, all they did was take out kill-streak rewards and that’s why MW3 ended up getting traded in during the first week and if BO2 makes the same mistake.. Well, I’m hoping they don’t so that I’ll want to keep it! NEWER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

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  7. jay says:

    It looks more like halo now its stupid but im only getting it forr zombies and online

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  8. Isaac says:

    I understand that a majority of you dont like COD Black ops 2… Its not the best game in the world. Me, I hate every call of duty there ever was… But now I like MW3 and COD Black ops 2. I do have to say zombies is not bad,bbut I like the whole game… Its nothing like halo, no stupoid aliens or any of that fiction crap thats not even real. its acually pretty realistic if you ask me or any one else. So why dont you quit reading this crap that im writeing and go play the game. Oh and quit whining about the game on this blog, its pethitic.You dont have to be a critic to. The people who made this game worked their tails off on this game and your going to bad mouth the game based on the trailers and screen shots. Ok well im going to go and play some AC3… if you want to talk to me on Xbox my gammertag is RaGe AC3… Thanks for reading… Bye=)

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  9. Robyn says:

    Ok well im a little upset with treyarch first of all. Reason being, the NACARD situation. Like really we build all this stuff and when we go to insert it, it says wring navcard so wich navcard do we freakin need. And theres not one in nuketown and how do we open bunker how do we get going. Im so lost and everybody posts theories and nothing is solved. and we have transit, and nuketown and die rise and nuketown has nothing to do with it but die rise does. So how come die rise navcard don’t work in transit? So we wait for this next dlc to come out hoping it would continue with richtofen maxis marlotn etc but no, ithas new characters nothing to do with anavcard table and to build a plane to just to go to a pack a punch. idk but im losing interest its more irritating than fun anymore.

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