Call of Duty: Black Ops Emblem Tutorial Videos

With a little time and imagination there is no end to the Emblems people can come up with in Black Ops. If you lack either of those two requirements there is a solution. has a whole bunch of Black Ops Emblem tutorial videos for you use, covering many different categories ranging from Superhero’s, to video games and cartoon characters (Cartman┬átutorial embedded below).

All of the Black Ops Emblem tutorial videos are simple to follow and make creating pro-looking emblems a breeze. Not to mention you’ll save yourself a ton of time. So head on over to and see if there’s anything that might be good enough for you to delete that emblem you’ve spent lot’s of time, effort and CoD Points on.

Scream Mask Tutorial


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  1. WalkerTexasRanger says:

    The best one ive ever seen is the one ill link below, make sure you watch untill the second emblem! The first one isnt that good. The second one is EPIC and not that hard to make…

    made by xPepsiKillerx

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  2. Parry says:

    My Kenny McCormick emblem was 10x better than that Cartman; I’d love to make a Stan but out of the 27 pages of pictures/shapes, there is no half circle… Then I said, “I’ll make Chef” and realized that brown is a forbidden colour.

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  3. This_1Dude says:

    I got the thunder cats hoooooo!!!!! with my own tutorial :D (i dont like using other peoples ideas)

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  4. Eavesdropper says:

    I’m rocking my own Imperial emblem from Star Wars.

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  5. Matt says:

    Hey check out my site…it’s a growing collection of users submitting their custom cod emblems and there’s a ratings system. I’m going to have a contest soon with a money prize so if you want in, just submit your emblem :)

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  6. EliteAssassinWolf says:

    I have machinima but instead of red and black its light blue and white. Tis a beuaty

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  7. jason says:

    nice :)

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  8. Nandacubed says:

    I made a video on how to make a 3OH!3 Emblem.
    Here is the link:

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