Call of Duty: Black Ops Leaderboard Hackers to be Banned

A recent Tweet from Treyarch’s front man, Josh Olin, goes some way to assuring us that Call of Duty: Black Ops’ leaderboards won’t be a clusterf**k of hacked scores – à la Modern Warfare 2 – which rendered the leaderboards virtually useless for the last Call of Duty game.

Olin has gone on record saying that Treyarch “have the necessary tools to moderate the Leaderboards” for Black Ops. Furthermore, those who are caught hacking the system will be banned!

JD_2020 – Yes, we have the necessary tools in #CODBlackOps to moderate the leaderboards. Furthermore, we’ll ban those who hack.

If the stellar job they did with World at War is anything to go by we should have leaderboards that are actually worth looking at back in Call of Duty. Good times!

We’ll hold you to that, Mr Olin.

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  1. Hacker Hater says:

    i think they need an “AVOID” button like they made the “REPORT ABUSE” button. by making an “AVOID” button we can “AVOID” hackers to leave them playing with themselves… “LITERALLY”

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    • Edson Huape says:

      Completely agree with you. They need an option that leaves hackers out of the game. For instance, if they’re hackers then their bullets should be “invisible” to other players so that they can’t intervene so long as they have their hacking abilities active. By that I mean all other players are unharmed by their bullets.

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  2. Mitch87 says:

    Why do people complain about what are called noob tubers? It’s ridiculous to complain about a weapon system that actually works in the game the same as it does in real life. Quick scopers campers, spawn point campers, second chance/last stand users are the worst of legit players in all games. Fools who use sniper rifles on small maps where SMG’s or assaults rifles should be used are the pain in the ass.

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  3. yeye97 says:

    infinityward abandoned mw2…. they are trying to make mw3 not like mw2….. lets just see the leaderboards after the first week

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  4. They are no use of making updates for playstation 3 network for black ops while others stand around and hack the game those updates don’t do nothing only patch crap. That ain’t going to help when others have mossey elite patch blockers and bypass blockers on their system getting past updates. Modern Warfare 3 is already screwed up wtih hackers on the Leaderboards already 10th prestiage hackers screwed up everything after millions of players bought Modern Warfare 3 for $63 dollars. That is just not a big concern about the gameing world. Black Op’s makes others sick on it while others are useing pornographic images making peter’s and pussy’s out of cartoon characters doing all kinds of ungodly crap on the game right now. What is treyarch and infintyward doing what about sledgehammer games what are they doing. Nothing. They continue for it to go on I’ve reported people dozen’s of times they still have their preverted emblems on the game the emblems need took off and those players useing those patch blockers they need dedicated server’s online hey activision, Treyarch, InfinityWard and Sledgehammer and Sony America ain’t you made enough off of players to create dedicated server’s yet or you still want to fraud others out of their money with big promises saying that those games would be hack free? I’ve got tons of Video’s proven these games are unfit for the gameing world and when I find the right group of individual’s i’ll have it took offline until you fix the problems going on, on the games. These companies have made billions of dollars off of us people around the world its time they start standing and banning others that stand around and use those blockers blocking their ip address’s i’ve saw others on those games trying to add them as friends it says they are not rigestered under the playstation network. I wonder why? Patch Blockers block ip address’s like they ain’t even on the game. These players need their accounts tooken off and block their ip address on the server’s where they are no allowed any more go ahead and try to add T__Money08 he is not registered until the playstation 3 network try to add Corba5727 he is not added either how many more are out there that has a hack attached to their playststion 3 over 60% of them that are on the game look at the leaderboards on Modern Warfare 3 what they have already done to it, its destory is that what you bought your games for is to watch this garbage go on or did you buy your game to play it right and try to enjoy what you worked for?

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  5. Dutch says:

    All i want to know is exactlty what can hackers use against other players, ie, infinite health? perpetual blackbirds? AND… there any sure-fire way to tell when someone is definitely hacking (Wii, COD, Black Opps.)


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    • docgjm says:

      I have a circle with the number 1 in it on my leaderboard page to the left of my name.
      What does this mean??

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