E3 2012 – Black Ops 2 POTUS Campaign Demo Features in Microsoft’s Conference, Xbox to get DLC First Again

E3 2012 kicked of today and, as usual, things got started with Microsoft’s press conference. Those who have followed the E3 exhibition over the last few years will know that Microsoft’s E3 conference is where Activision get the chance to show-off their next Call of Duty game. That’s what went down at the very end of the conference when Black Ops 2 appeared on the big screen and a campaign level called ‘Protect P.O.T.U.S’ – that has you escort the (female) President while making your way through war-torn L.A – was played through.

All types of combat is shown in the footage, including infantry-based, surface-to-air, and jet-based dogfighting, giving us a good idea of what Black Ops 2′s single player has in store. There’s also a first look at theĀ X-ray-scoped, charge-and-fire rifle that was confirmed a few days ago.

It was also confirmed – unfortunately for PS3 owners – that the Call of Duty / Xbox DLC exclusivity period that has been in effect for the last three years will be continuing with Black Ops 2.

Protect POTUS In-depth Report

With downtown Los Angeles under attack from rogue drones, players take control of David Mason, son of Alex Mason, as he sits in with a convoy racing down the freeway. This isn’t any ordinary assignment though, Mason is charged with escorting the President of the United States to safety. The trusted soldier lays out his plan to the President, get to the “Prom Night” shelter underneath the Bonaventure Hotel. But before the group has any more time to think, drone attacks hit their convoy and leave them wrecked along on the highway. Coming to after the startling crash, Mason scrambles to a nearby SAM Turret, locking onto multiple drones and downing them in a burst of precision missile strikes.

After dealing with the immediate threat, Mason meets back up with the group further ahead on the highway. Players are then given an option on how to approach the next sequence: Stay on the highway and provide sniper fire from above, or rappel down with the President and directly engage the hostile troops. Choosing to stick up top allows Mason to command a powerful new weapon, the Sniper Storm rifle. Featuring an X-ray scope and a five-bar gauge, this sniper rifle is able to charge up and put successive rounds through cover, downing enemies that would normally evade gunfire.

Moving down the ruined streets of Los Angeles proves to be a dangerous trek, with hostile troops around every barrier. To help clear the path, Mason can command a squad of quadrotors with his I.W.M.D. (Interactive Wrist Mounted Display). Directing the squad towards enemy positions, Mason moves through tightly held positions with some much needed firepower on his side.

Also assisting him is Anderson, a female pilot in control of a FA-38 jet. Anderson provides aerial reconnaissance for Mason as he makes his way along the streets. But when injuries force her to land her aircraft, it’s up to Mason to provide support from above. Hovering over the reformed convoy, Mason clears the road with effectively placed missiles and cannons.

With a pack of drones closing in though, Mason breaks away from the convoy and engage the enemy squadrons in an all-out dogfight. The drones attempt to repel Mason’s fire with deployed countermeasures, but the FA-38′s Sky Buster missiles lock-on and break through their defenses. Suddenly the on-board computer warns of an incoming drone. With barely enough time to react, Mason manages to eject from the jet just before it impacts the enemy fighter. As he floats back down to Earth, aircraft continue their engagements above, while a still-compromised city awaits Mason below.

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  1. Allen says:

    Not really surprised this year…

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  2. dgfhjklhgfgd says:

    if split spawn mode is real if you kill 9 enemys you can control the guns of the chopper and the helicopter should have a trophy system and if you control the chopper and you crash the chopper will respawn and the pilot will be switched and the gulty pilot of the crash will not pilot for 12 rounds but you can vote for a pilot on the game lobby if the pilot how wins doesn t wants to drive a new random player will pilot

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  3. zIPTICPOWERs says:

    This is a call of duty game this is what everyone wants in a call of duty game this is fore sure… ^____^

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  4. Egotisti_Cal says:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get excited over CoD this year………….I failed.

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