First Black Ops 2 League Play Season Starts Today

Since the games release a little over two weeks ago, Black Ops 2′s League Play system – a new feature introduced by Black Ops 2 that allows you to compete against similarly skilled opponents as a solo competitor or as a league team - has been in pre-season, nothing really mattered. Today, however, the first Black Ops 2 League Play season kicks off for real.

Here’s an overview of how Black Ops 2′s League Play works for those that are jumping in at the deep end:

Your performance in the placement matches grants a hidden skill level that determines your Division placement. You are placed within a Subdivision of that Division, and compete for Ladder Rank in the Subdivision Ladders. Winning a match earns you Ladder Points that help you climb the ladder, while losing a match results in lost Ladder Points. Your goal is to finish with the best rank by the end of the league season.


Leagues are played in Series, each with its own rulesets and game types. Initially, there will be three Series. Your rank is specific to each one, so if you play in both, you will establish a separate rank for each Series.

Champions Series

A mix of objective game modes that use competitive rules.

Format: 4v4

Ranks: Team and Solo

Special Rules: 3rd person spectating disabled. No Care Package. No Tactical Insertions. No SMAW, RPG or Grenade Launcher Attachments.

Moshpit Series

A mix of objective game modes that use standard rules.

Format: 6v6

Ranks: Solo

Team Deathmatch Series

Team Deathmatch using standard rules.

Format: 6v6

Ranks: Solo


There are six divisions that reflect the approximate skill distribution of the active population in a Series.

Masters: top 2% of the active population.

Platinum: next 18%.

Gold: next 20%.

Silver: next 20%.

Bronze: next 20%.

Bronze: bottom 20%.

You will start in a Division based on your hidden skill rating determined by placement matches. As you play, if you win enough you may be promoted to a higher Division.

Bonus Pool

A weekly Bonus Pool is awarded to you for the first few wins of every week. This is in addition to the Ladder Points earned for those wins. The weekly bonus is reset on Sundays at 12AM PST. Earning the Bonus Pool every week adds a big boost to your ranking in the ladder.


At the end of the Season you may visit the team or solo homepage in game to view the final standings for your ladders. Your highest career Division rank will be displayed in your team or solo homepage on Elite and your all-time career best Division rank will be shown in your global playercard.

When the next season starts you will complete placement matches again to re-establish a Division rank.

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  1. infinity says:

    i am only in it for the XP.

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  2. Smithers says:

    How do you get promoted? I’ve been 1st in bronze for ages now and won my last 6 games…?

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    • creepytommy86 says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • creepytommy86 says:

        and this is for xbox 360 only

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      • Imonyoutube says:

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        • rossua says:

          id ask for around 1.50 and above, ive only got a k/d of 1.75 on black ops 2 but over 2.0 on mw3. cant judge people on k/d alone. give them trials and see if they’re a team player. my win ratio is 2.17.

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        • Dave says:

          ok K/D doesnt mean s**t, its all about communication, yes its nice to go 20-2 but its not really cared, most of the clans that are K/D based fall apart

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    • masonX742 says:

      im not to sure but just to let you know platinum is very hard if you make it that far, it comes down to maybe 1 flag capture or 1 kill every game

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  3. Daniel says:

    In your teamdeath math u forgot the rank of iron

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  4. MidMan says:

    It’s dumb that they allow clans to play in this. Solo should have everyone random. I keep ending up on bad teams playing clans who already have maps planned out.

    You don’t get credit for KDR in this.. it’s all about wins / losses.. something that many of my teammates don’t seem to understand.

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  5. aj says:

    Yeh cept qualifying matches that stick u in ur division they pick noobs as ur teammates that just run around with no clue and ur punished. Heck my team dropped out during capture the flag, entire team. 1vs 4 ? What chance do I have? Its a very good idea but ruined by no rules put in place

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    • says:

      Totally agree…solo skill is a joke, random teams with 6yo dying every second and u get stuck in iron unless u luck out and ur qualifying matches have decent players. Otherwise ull just sit in the top 10 of iron as they pair u up with gold and silver…skill match? No…direct opposite if u ask me.

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      • Azacarum says:

        Even if you do well in qualifying you take 2 loses and you’re dropped, i was put in silver at the start won 5 games then lost 2 and it dropped me to bronze. worst part was the 2 loses were against full clans and even then it was only barely a lose (like 20 points in it, domination.)

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  6. Jerry says:

    League play is the worst idea COD has ever came up with. Most of the time you only play 2 game type, sometimes 3. And when its trying to even up teams, just laugh at it, because theres no reason im going 30 and 5 and somehow getting killed everytime, oh yea thats right, because the next best player on my team went 5 and 14

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  7. Rogerpopper says:

    How do I get out of gold div, I have like a 2000 point lead on a 20 game Run and still number one in gold. Why haven’t I moved up yet.

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  8. KyleBlake09 says:

    I have not really dived into the league play option on this game yet. I really enjoy the multiplayer portion of the game, but I think this is an interesting concept. Any advice on whether or not I should participate?

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    • frost says:

      Not sure. Zombies and public multiplayer is infested with cheaters. If league play is infested then its pointless.

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      • hb4jad says:

        How are people cheating?!?!?

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      • Dave says:

        ok the game only came out in what november….there is no possible way there are cheaters yet, mw3 still doesnt have anything worse than the occasional modded controller an its been out for over a year, if u seriously think ppl are cheating/hacking….it probably because u suck and just dont want to admit it so u blame it on other ppl

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  9. Bnads says:

    I got put in iron division even though my first 5 games I had a 2+ kd with a 25-6 (playing tdm) won 3 of the 5… noobs in my team with .3 kds…. Anyway how come im only in iron? bulls**t i destroyed on a two bar. Meh only in it for the trophy. Would be better if more people played it because i can only get 2 bar connection meaning I lose every f**king gun fight

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    • Dave says:

      it not about K/D its about wining the match, i got stuck in iron and i won 4/5 of my matches so you can not complain and if you are 2 barring then to other ppl you are hopping around like a pixie hence y u do better cause ur skipping all over he pace to them and to u its running normaly, and if u really are an achievement whor then y even play multiplayer

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      • Mike says:

        Most of you are looking at the placement matches the wrong way. I’m currently master rank 5, (was first but stopped playing for a couple days. I went 2-3 during my placement matches and was placed into platinum. During placement matches they assess your skill, and, while winning is important, a good KDR helps your team. Going 1-0 is better than going 20-21. As long as you’re positive, you have provided your team with more points than you gave the other team, validating your contributions to the team. Moving up to a new division doesn’t matter about wins, although moving to the top of a ladder depends solely on wins.

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  10. frost says:

    Has cheating been found yet in league play?

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    • chris d**kson says:

      I have played about 15 rounds of league pla y. During the placement rounds I have seen people with diamond camo. Do its obvious thst people do cheat. And im about to stick with team death match and zombies. I have had enough of the bulls**t of uneven teams. 90% of the games I played I got stuck with a team that is clueless, and they have no idea what they are doing. Treyarch needs to fix the problems.

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      • k says:

        Whatever camo you have in multiplayer you also have in league play. i have diamond for my Ar’s, Subs, and shotguns. Which on on my guns in league right now so, no people are not cheating.

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  11. Xyriach says:

    I have to admit that I actually like the sound of this feature. I’ve never really been above average in performance but hey, you gotta have someone to kill! But my issue with BO1 was that I was constantly getting roflstomped by teams that I had no chance against. While I’m the first to admit I’m not in danger of being world class, being matched against people who are similarly skilled sounds like a great plan.

    However, based on team scores and personal scores it’s not really proving anything. If the system were to take into account factors like % accuracy, average play time etc (things that actually define your skill and experience) then it would be better than it sounds.

    Nevertheless, I’ve finally got round to getting BO2 and am eager to see it for myself. Hopefully, not as bad as the above have made it out to be.

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  12. GxR WxExExD says:

    I got put in gold then I took a break from playing and now I’m in platinum what happened?

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  13. BOHICA x says:

    If you are on a team for league play, how do you leave the team if you do not want to be part of that team anymore?

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  14. Jun says:

    League play is great but the way they do their ranking system sux and also I get paired up with people nooooooooooo where near my skill level…I get a bunch of freakin noobs and my level is way much higher than that…Also it should be ranked on ur skill not how many games you’ve won because getting paired up with r****ds your level can go down from losing

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  15. Griff says:

    Shall I just mention this. The matchmaking is the same that they use on Starcraft 2. Your K/D doesn’t matter anymore because your K/D is an irrelevant portion of how good you are at the game. COD is taking a working and realistic approach to skill based team gaming which is valuating the players on their Win/Loss over your individual K/D traits.

    The reason this works is this: just whoring kills doesn’t make you the better player, because anybody can w***e kills and that does not prove any apt valuation for your ability to win a game. Unfortunately mos COD players unlike Halo players are looped in the mindset that they can win against an organised team without being part of one which is not in any case true. Without an organised team, a winning team that has an operable strategy for each and every map, good luck getting into Gold.

    The skill rank based on a W/L system is also meant to encourage you to work with your team, so you can’t argue that it isn’t a realistic valuation of your skill because it isn’t your individual skill because that would be begging the question. Additionally if you lack the mental apatite to go and google what begging the question is, then you shouldn’t have the mental aptitude to be above Silver on any game which will require good team-work to ensue success.

    Theoretically if you were placed in a game with top tier W/L players vs top tier K/D players, the former would always win the games (on that they are skilled at winning which includes the premise of working as a team) whilst K/D players merely have the motive to hide all day and get K/D which might contribute to winning but won’t guarantee it i.e. the best Halo players on the Level 50 will only have K/D’s which are barely positive because they rely on each other heavily to stay alive [no one player is any better than the others].

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    • Gadget says:

      But that doesn’t mean much in TDM League Play when solo players constantly get paired with noobs who go 2-18 and cause you to drop like a rock in the rankings; it’s frustrating! K/D is very relavent for TDM.

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  16. Ganna Kill Them says:

    Why am i being paired up with no ranks vs master league players like wtf. I enjoy the idea but jesus that is stupid.

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  17. Thalash says:

    So my team finished Rank 1 in Masters and today it says the new season has started (ON PC), yet I don’t see my career best Division rank shown on your global playercard.

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  18. Michael says:

    Do you lose rank if you take a day or two off?

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  19. bubbyjim says:

    the more,i play,the more i get slaughtered,i can’t get better,because someone kills me,and then that same person runs to my spawn,and kills me again.i am constantly forced to host,i feel as if i’m running arround with 500 lbs on my back.i put my whole clip into someone,then they’ll put 1 or 2 bullets in me and kill me,even when i’m having a great game,which is 1in twenty,half way through,1 guy will kill me over,and over to destroy all of my progress,i’ve been playing COD for 7 years,and people are treating me as if i’m a noob,because of the stinking Heavy Host Lag,in which i am forced on 19 out of 20 games.i can be going 23and4,and one guy in every game will make sure that not only do i go negative,but also kills me in final killcam.thanks,bubbyjim73 PS3

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  20. Dave says:

    ok so i ur in iron division thats basically the game saying you suck am i right?

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    • Veto says:

      yea, even if you get dogs in your placement games, and you play with your firend all placement games and he gets plat. Its kinda the game just saying f off… fml forever iron.

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  21. nuclear83 says:

    Looking for decent BO2 players for league play currently ranked 155 in Platinum Division.. Send friend request to Nuclear83.

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  22. Olaf Biggles says:

    So, played 5 placements, and went into gold last week. Now moved up to top 50 platinum, 14 games in.

    How often can you move up? I want to be in Masters at least.

    Who moves up – top 10 up, bottom 10 down? How does this work?! There is precious little info on the mechanics of this online anywhere..

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  23. Ownamcmuffin says:

    I am really talented when it comes to cod. I did five placements and got put into iron… After 14 games I got promoted to platinum but I am still pissed that I am not in masters. If anyone wants to play with me, my psn is ownamcmuffin

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  24. RxPharm4 says:

    I know a guest cannot play with you in league play, but can two xbox accounts play on the the same xbox and tv? My roommate wants to play but does not have an xbox. It would be cheaper to just buy him an xbox live account. thanks

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  25. factor says:

    league play is the best thing cod has ever came out with , gives competetive players like me good practice for competitive play. The reason some people don’t like league play is because they dont understand the game. They are also what we like to call “pub stars”, pub stars get smashed in league play because they dont have the gun skill nor the strategic aspect of these game modes especially champions series.

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  26. toosweet says:

    I hope they will add a way for us to delete the league teams that we dont want / didnt mean to create. I hate that when some one joins you when you are in the champion series that it automatically creates a team….. Cant wait to delete the bs teams under my name

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  27. C says:

    League sucks in my opinion. I only went into it to get the emblem to fill the stupid empty space on the bottom right of my player card but for some reason it’s not going there. Why isn’t the emblem showing in my playercard??!

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  28. MRmike says:

    whenever i go into league play and i find a lobby. i get a green screen and my disc is unreadable, is there an update or download to play?

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  29. Bradley Himes says:

    I did league play today, and when I went to multiplayer, I noticed it didnt show my league rank. When I put my cursor over my friends, I can see their division and placement in the bottom right box where you can see their emblem and prestige. The told me they couldn’t see it either. Why is it not showing up?!

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  30. James says:

    Ok I played league play around 9th prestige and gave it a try because no matter what you get xp. But now Im a prestige master and I have no use for league play because I cant level up and I cant get diamond guns. I already have diamond snipers, sub machine guns, rochet launchers,and shotguns. So what I wondering is there really any other advantages other than xp. I already have all the guns unlocked in Multiplayer. I also am angered because I think you should maybe have a league play titles page like you have DLC, Prestige, weopons, etc you should have league play titles. One more thing I want to leave my league team because well my team just kind of well drags me down. Im a pretige master who plays all the time and 2 of my team mates dont play that often. I really want to leave but how. One more thing in games when you join your sometime having to deal with a guy whos really good or hacks but if you leave you might get probation but if you stay you might drop in your KD. What should you do. In my file share on the 360 I have a clip of a guy pointing his LMG at a certian spot and he shoots before you spawn. He went 227-6 and if you check his cobat record his KD is 6.78 and hes a prestige master with only 4 days playing. Literally he would sit in your spawn point his gun in one spot and you would all spawn there and its demolition so you barely change spawns. Pretty much your messed up either way you look at it

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  31. Realgameroni says:

    season 6 was the first time i played league, i got to silver rank 1 in silver dision. There was 1 and abit left so decided to play champions division, i played solo with no team got got bronze rank 32….but on my playercard it shows that rank instead of my sivler rank 1! i thought it shows your highest rank? is there a way u can swap it?

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  32. Sorry for the late reply, but I can’t find a site that answers this question: On your Global Player Card (the one that is visible in Public Matches not the one in League Play), what league play rank is displayed? Is it your best rank within a given season, or the rank that you end the season with? Example: What if at one point in the season, you are ranked as Gold 11, but at the end of the season, your rank slips to Silver 144. Will your Global Player Card show Gold 11 or Silver 144? Thanks to anyone who can answer this clearly… not sure how Career Best rank and All Time Career best Rank are different… thanks to anyone who can answer this from experience.

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