Hackers get Black Ops Mods Working Already!

Not good news, I’m afraid. They have hacked and modded Black Ops already. Days before the game is officially available,┬ávideos have started appearing that show a number of mods running in Black Ops.

Even though Treyarch have said that modding will not be possible in Black Ops, both Zombie Mode and private matches (inevitably public games, too) have already been modded to allow unlimited ammo, super speed and super jump on the Xbox 360 version of the game! Seems like it wasn’t to hard for these guys to accomplish, either.

Let’s hope Treyarch can get on top of this somehow. But chances are that these guys will always find a way around whatever precautions the Devs take, unfortunately. Mods ruined Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer for me at one point, lets hope the same doesn’t happen with Black Ops and we don’t start seeing this crap in every other public match.

What are your feelings towards the hackers and the mods they enable in Call of Duty games?

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  1. a person says:

    Haha i wrote funner :)

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  2. Was the king of cod says:

    I would say over 50% now use a hack on call of duty for the first 4 months i was un beatable now its hard to even win one game a week all because of hackers ruined mw2 and Black Ops it has to stop. I could have a hack up and running in 5 mins include download time everyone knows where they are getting them from so why not stop where they get them from.

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  3. Gamergirl says:

    Can someone help me mod ? please

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  4. hax hater says:

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  5. y says:

    ohh hackers all ready wawawa :(

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  6. Bob says:

    anyone who hacks just prove that they suck at the game and are losers who hate to lose, actually a lot of them on mw2 are little kids who think they’re so good at the game but but in reality they got tired of losing so they decided to hack. but i have a message for them, the only way you get good at the game is practice you morons

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