Hidden Black Ops 2 Camo Found

Treyarch have gone a little top heavy with regards to new Black Ops 2′s camo. They made 8 Personalization Packs available for fans to purchase from the in-game store back in March, and there’s currently a fan vote going on, giving black Ops 2 owners on the Xbox the ability to vote for the next two Personalization Packs to be made available to purchase (winning packs go live May 29).

Now, the same guy who managed to find and post videos of the camo included in the Personalization Packs that are currently up for vote has found some more interesting things among the game’s code – secret, hidden camo. While digging through code located in the game files, Youtube user TheJaRniBoin has found the following secret/hidden/unused camo:

  • ‘Blue Tiger’ Camo
  • ‘Zombies PaP’ Camo
  • ‘Ice Blue’ Camo
  • ‘Dev’ Camo,
  • ‘Nevada’ Camo
  • ‘Swamp’ Camo.

Here’s videos showing each of the camo off:

Blue Tiger Camo

Zombies PaP Camo

Ice Blue Camo

Dev Camo

Nevada Camo

Swamp Camo

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  1. Dragon says:

    Ice Blue, PAP and Dev FTW

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  2. bad man dan says:

    the good ones are the dev, the comic and the best one is the ice one :)
    check my website u get all these camos 4 free only on XBOX live ☺

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  3. BO2 Bad Boyz says:

    Blue Tiger is already a camo so a fail there..

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  4. cristiangames says:

    how do u get them

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  5. Someone crazy says:

    Well can’t see the videos now. Someone done pulled the plug on the videos.

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  6. Call of Duty says:

    I wish i would have stopped by before the videos stopped working

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