Target Pre-Order Card Confirms Black Ops 2 Logo, 11.13.12 Release Date

Black Ops 2 Title, Logo and Release Date Confirmed

Even though it’s fairly obvious, there’s been speculation for months now whether the next Call of Duty would be Black Ops 2 or not. Activision are still keeping mum on the game’s title and will officially confirm it with the reveal trailer May 1st.

Black Ops II was already confirmed as the title by the Morse code on And a pre-order box already confirmed the new logo and release date earlier this week. Now, though, a Target pre-order card for the game sent to IGN confirms once-and-for-all that the next Call of Duty will be called Black Ops 2, its new logo, and that it will be released November 13, 2012.

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  1. lewis says:

    Yes, But It does say, Release date subject to change. And we will wait for some big information on May 1st

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    • ghost says:

      I believe it won’t change since all CoD’s are released on the 2nd tuesday of november

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